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Program Grants

Report Format

A final report is due one year after the grant is awarded or when the project is completed, whichever comes first. New grant requests will not be considered until a final report for any previous grant has been received. If your proposal is a request for renewed support before a final report can be completed on a current grant, you must submit an interim report.

For either type of report, please provide the following:

  1. Cover page (from your original proposal - update information only as necessary)
    • Name and address of grantee organization with phone number.
    • Name and title of the organization’s chief executive with email address.
    • Name and title of primary contact with email address.
    • Title of funded program.
    • Total program budget.
    • Grant amount.
    • Fiscal year ending: month/year.
    • Beginning and end dates of the program covered by the grant (month/day/year).
    • Original executive summary of program.
    • Federal Tax ID number of the 501(c)(3) agency with fiduciary responsibility.
    • Signature of executive director, president, CEO, or board chair (a new signature is required to indicate responsibility for this report). 
  2. Narrative (no more than three pages)
    • List the program’s measurable outcomes as stated in the original proposal and indicate progress.  Provide details that would enhance our understanding of your accomplishments. 
    • Describe any challenges or unexpected outcomes. Explain any modifications made to the program implementation and action plans during the grant period.
    • Describe lessons learned from what you accomplished and also from what did not work as planned. 
    • Attach any media recognition or coverage of your program.
  3. Budget
    • Provide your program budget from the original proposal. Use our new budget format. Report actual income and expenses to date, accounting specifically for expenditure of ASF grant funds.