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After School Program Grants

After School Proposal Guidelines

2018 Proposal Deadline

April 5, 2019


These guidelines should only be used for an after school grant proposal.


Other academic school year programs should see our Program Grants Proposal Guidelines. Deadline: April 5, 2019


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These guidelines must be used by any organization applying for an after school program grant.  Programs may serve children from any age group and from any community in our service area

The term “after school programs” covers a wide range of youth development programs that are conducted outside of the school hours, in the afternoon, evening, on weekends or holidays.  The site may be a school building, or any community based facility.  

The Foundation will only consider funding for programs that incorporate best-practice elements of high quality after school programs, including:  

  • Youth development activities that include project based learning.
  • Academic support and enrichment.
  • Homework help and tutoring.
  • Recreation activities.
  • A focus on outreach to enroll underserved youth populations; and keeping youth involved and engaged on a regular basis.

The size of grants will depend on several factors, including the scope and goals of the program, funding history with the Foundation, and support from other funding sources. 

The American Savings Foundation will consider funding programs for any of the following purposes:  

  • Support new programs or new sites for existing programs.
  • Expand slots in existing programs to serve more youth.
  • Support existing programs to maintain high quality services.
  • Support existing programs to improve quality by implementing high quality program elements.

Grants will not be made for capital improvements, such as space renovations, or for purchasing computers for computer labs.  Some funds may be used for program supplies, including sports equipment, educational software, art materials, and the like. 

After school programs will be selected for grants on the demonstrated ability to:

  • Provide programming which is developmentally age appropriate and culturally relevant to the youth population being served.
  • Apply best practices in the after school program field.
  • Define clear outcomes for youth, using a method to measure progress which will be the basis for providing reports to the Foundation.

We will also evaluate proposals based on the key elements of homework help and consistent youth participation

Homework Help

Comprehensive after school programs that typically operate 3-5 days a week must demonstrate that they provide homework help on a regular basis.  Some high quality programs may not provide structured, daily homework help.  However, these programs must clearly show how they will meet the academic needs of youth, and explain their method and philosophy for doing so.  

Youth Participation

  • Programs must measure program attendance showing that youth participate on a consistent basis. 

  • For a Q&A regarding these guidelines, please click here.
  • For more information, call the Foundation at (860) 827-2556 or email us at grant@asfdn.org.

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